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Our very own Karen Kaminskas Speaks at Stanford!

Avoiding common accreditation mistakes: critical skill building

Where: Stanford CME Live (virtual)

When: June 9-11

Who: Karen Kaminskas, MS Ed, CHCP

Upcoming Webinar

Upcoming webinar

Foresight Learning meet and greet webinar

When: June 17 – 2 pm (eastern)

Host: Karen Kaminskas, MS Ed, CHCP

Welcome to Foresight

Today’s online learning commonly continues to focus on the passive acquisition of knowledge, leaving large gaps in the learner’s course experience related to opportunities in competency-building for their workplace skills. According to research, engaging in interactive case-based learning or problem-solving exercises supports the majority of students learning up to 60% more than they do just watching, reading, or listening.
Foresight is a partnership of clinical and non-clinical subject matter experts, innovative technology and instructional designers, and faculty, all committed to closing a broad spectrum of workplace skill and competency gaps, as identified by learners, corporate managers, and system leaders.
Foresight is dedicated to providing, in addition to core knowledge on a topic, a variety of application opportunities that enhance the learner’s ability to immediately utilize new learning for effective workplace impact. Learners are provided feedback as they test their skills and become invested in obtaining competence.  The use of cutting-edge technology and innovative educational design are hallmarks of Foresight educational opportunities.


Dive into practical platforms designed to help you resolve real-life scenarios and answer your practical questions

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Our team is experienced in delivering full educational course design to meet your organization or association’s needs

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We deliver personalized opportunities for you or your team to work one-on-one with our content experts at your request.

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Classrooms are evolving every day. Our programs tap into that evolution and offer course delivery that resonates and delivers
an experience that can easily be applied to real-life situations.